Saturday, 18 March 2017

Some Things Take Time..

Some things really do take time.. Especially new products!

So I'm sure you've seen the Nu Skin products popping up in your social media feeds left right and centre recently. I've had quite a few people asking me to join them in the retailing side over the past couple of months but it's not the right venture for me personally right now. However, for quite a few of my friends it has been a good decision to make!

Obviously you support your friends, so I decided to try the Nu Skin Contouring Lip Colour after seeing everybody rave about its lip plumping effects. I'm not scared of a bit of enhancement so if you can get a plumped up lip from a gloss - I'm there.

I'm going to be totally honest in this post, just as I was with my friend. It wasn't a product I loved on first use! The gloss works by stimulating the collagen in the lips which plumps them. If used for 28 days the effects will last if you maintain the gloss use.

I decided to put it to the 28 day test to see if it really works. I have been using the gloss every day - under my lipstick, topping up throughout the day and using last thing at night, over night. I also took a picture every Saturday morning before the first application and after my application so both myself and you could see the results.

I'm naturally lucky with my lips. As my mum always says, she does not know where they came from! So please note that I have not had one drop of filler in my lips, they are mine and mine only.. With a little boost from this product.

Like I said, I wouldn't say I was really wowed by this gloss until week 4. That's when I finally started to be able to see a difference. To be honest it's quite normal for a skincare product to take 28 days for us to really see the benefits so I was probably expecting to much to soon initially with the gloss.
So my thoughts.. On first use, it is a nice gloss. I chose the clear one to begin with as I can use it so versatile day to day. It wasn't sticky at all and this is a deal breaker with glosses for me. I wouldn't say I have ever experienced that much of a sensation with it either. I know some plumping glosses can really sting or tingle but this one doesn't really have a noticeable feeling. It is also super long lasting. Being a gloss addict, I can't not have something on my lips - I usually reapply a lot if a gloss doesn't last. Throughout the day I've only been needing to retouch once meaning this gloss lasts really well - bonus!

The gloss is £18, so up there with your Benefit and Decay gloss prices. As I said, initially I was thinking it was no different to a Rimmel £3.99 baby lips or something alike. However, I am now sold and will definitely be having another when this one has gone.. I might even try a new colour too.. Decisions!

I am so pleased I tracked my usage with photos. It's such an amazing way to document a products progress and I would recommend anyone to do it. Especially if you really want to aesthetically see if something works. Pop it in your diary for the same day, every week, to take a pic and try and do them at a similar time (morning if poss) so the lighting is good. Tracking my journey really helped me to see the difference and by the end of it I could see it in the mirror anyway.

You can't buy these products from a shop or online - you have to source them from a brand representative. I have a few friends that are selling the products and will pop a link below to their Instagram/ Facebook pages (in bold pink) in case you would like to get yourself a bit of a lip boost too.

If you have tried the glosses yourself or have any thoughts or questions on this post, leave your comments below. I always love to hear from you. Have a fabulous week everybody!

Bethany xx


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