Sunday, 19 March 2017

My First Feature!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.

So.. This is only a baby post and it isn't about a new product or something alike. It is actually to share with you the exciting news that I had on Friday evening!

As you'll already know if you have read my previous post - I suffer with acne. My skin saviour and the reason behind my now clearer skin is the amazing Skin Accumax from the Advanced Nutrition Programme.

When I started Happy In My Skin just under 8 weeks ago I never imagined the blog would receive anywhere near the response it has had. I only ever set out to share my journey tackling my acne in hope that it would help and advise others who were having the same struggles. I have always wanted my blog to be real and relatable, hence me being very open about all aspects of my life and sharing photos of not just 'made up' me but also me stripped down - spots and all.

The response has been amazing. My nearest and dearest have all been so supportive and proud of me. New people - both male and female - have contacted me regarding my posts after they have read them and been able to relate. Most recently (my exciting news) my blog is now featured on the IIAA Influencer Highlights page, I will pop a link below. The fact that such a knowledgeable brand has read and thought a lot of my posts means literally so much to me.

Featuring on the website has been amazing for the blog, the volume of people reading my posts has gone way further than I could ever have dreamt of initially. I can only hope that it will increase the amount of people my posts can touch, help and advise.

Thank you again for your continuing support with my blog. Don't forget to subscribe on the main page if you want to keep up to date with new posts. Also, I always love to hear from you.

Have a gorgeous Sunday evening!

Bethany xx

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Some Things Take Time..

Some things really do take time.. Especially new products!

So I'm sure you've seen the Nu Skin products popping up in your social media feeds left right and centre recently. I've had quite a few people asking me to join them in the retailing side over the past couple of months but it's not the right venture for me personally right now. However, for quite a few of my friends it has been a good decision to make!

Obviously you support your friends, so I decided to try the Nu Skin Contouring Lip Colour after seeing everybody rave about its lip plumping effects. I'm not scared of a bit of enhancement so if you can get a plumped up lip from a gloss - I'm there.

I'm going to be totally honest in this post, just as I was with my friend. It wasn't a product I loved on first use! The gloss works by stimulating the collagen in the lips which plumps them. If used for 28 days the effects will last if you maintain the gloss use.

I decided to put it to the 28 day test to see if it really works. I have been using the gloss every day - under my lipstick, topping up throughout the day and using last thing at night, over night. I also took a picture every Saturday morning before the first application and after my application so both myself and you could see the results.

I'm naturally lucky with my lips. As my mum always says, she does not know where they came from! So please note that I have not had one drop of filler in my lips, they are mine and mine only.. With a little boost from this product.

Like I said, I wouldn't say I was really wowed by this gloss until week 4. That's when I finally started to be able to see a difference. To be honest it's quite normal for a skincare product to take 28 days for us to really see the benefits so I was probably expecting to much to soon initially with the gloss.
So my thoughts.. On first use, it is a nice gloss. I chose the clear one to begin with as I can use it so versatile day to day. It wasn't sticky at all and this is a deal breaker with glosses for me. I wouldn't say I have ever experienced that much of a sensation with it either. I know some plumping glosses can really sting or tingle but this one doesn't really have a noticeable feeling. It is also super long lasting. Being a gloss addict, I can't not have something on my lips - I usually reapply a lot if a gloss doesn't last. Throughout the day I've only been needing to retouch once meaning this gloss lasts really well - bonus!

The gloss is £18, so up there with your Benefit and Decay gloss prices. As I said, initially I was thinking it was no different to a Rimmel £3.99 baby lips or something alike. However, I am now sold and will definitely be having another when this one has gone.. I might even try a new colour too.. Decisions!

I am so pleased I tracked my usage with photos. It's such an amazing way to document a products progress and I would recommend anyone to do it. Especially if you really want to aesthetically see if something works. Pop it in your diary for the same day, every week, to take a pic and try and do them at a similar time (morning if poss) so the lighting is good. Tracking my journey really helped me to see the difference and by the end of it I could see it in the mirror anyway.

You can't buy these products from a shop or online - you have to source them from a brand representative. I have a few friends that are selling the products and will pop a link below to their Instagram/ Facebook pages (in bold pink) in case you would like to get yourself a bit of a lip boost too.

If you have tried the glosses yourself or have any thoughts or questions on this post, leave your comments below. I always love to hear from you. Have a fabulous week everybody!

Bethany xx


Friday, 10 March 2017

Hello Hormonal Breakout!

I love it when a new post just comes to me!

So this one and the pictures (apologies for them now) actually came about on the morning of Sunday 5th March. I had woken up, done my usual weekend early morning yoga, gone to wash my face and there they were.. Spots. Quite a few of the little buggers too! At first I was disheartened but then I gathered - why not utilise the rascals to talk about hormonal breakouts?

You'll already know that I have struggled with my skin if you read my first post. If you have you would also know that I have now found what helps me to maintain a fairly clear complexion these days. However, I do still get a monthly breakout. For me its just inevitable.  

 My usual breakout tends to be around a week before my period is due and is predominantly on the left and right side of my jaw area. This is the typical site you will break out when it is hormone related. You can see from the image below what different zones of the skin relate to with regards to breakouts.

I never seem to get the spots with yellow gunk in around my jaw, they are usually a dark pink/ purple colour and more of a small lump. Fabulous when it comes to makeup.. Not! They are usually quite painful too and last a good couple of days if not longer. Unfortunately my skin scars very easily so I usually end up with some marking left behind. The joys.

This is probably something quite a lot of you will be able to relate to, so I thought I would share what I do when an eruption occurs and how I deal with it to a) reduce it and b) leave as little marking behind as possible!

-Don't pick = Sounds simple doesn't it, but the temptation to have a good squeeze (especially if your on the freaky side like me, and love squeezing anybody's spots)is always there. Don't do it! You will only make a mess, potentially spread the bacteria and leave a scar. If the spot is clearly ready to be burst do so in the correct method but if you can't see a head then steer clear or pay the price. I've done this far too many times so I should know. 

-Avoid sugar & dairy = This won't be for everybody, but it seems to help me. When I have a breakout I try my best to up my fruit and veggies and I really try not to eat to many sugary or dairy based foods. I have mentioned before that my skin is pretty much my food diary, I can always tell if I have over indulged by its clarity and these two seem to be some of the main influences. I try not to have too much of either anyway but when a volcanic eruption is imminent I'm definitely more aware to avoid!

-Water, water, water = Flush those toxins out. Obviously we don't want to drown ourselves, but I do try to get through 2 litres of the clear stuff when my skin is struggling. A good water intake is important anyway and something I aim for daily. Keep a measured water bottle with you if you find your forgetting to drink regularly - that way you know exactly how much you have drank.

-Mineral makeup = I adore a touch of Armani Silk however, when my skin is going through a breakout I try my best to keep to mineral makeup as much as possible. One of my favourite products is the BareMinerals matte foundation. I've gone into more detail about the benefits of mineral makeup for problem skin in one of my previous posts. It really is amazing for not only giving a fab coverage and multi-tasking as a concealer, but also the ingredients in the product help to absorb excess oil and heal existing spots! Most importantly, its natural, so has no nasties that will further irritate our skins. 

-Cleanse well = Obvious one I know. It really is important to follow your skincare routine everyday and stick to it regardless of if you suffer with your skin or not! Even more so though when you do struggle with breakouts or acne. I mix my skincare up a lot, I try to give it what it needs each day. Being more on the oily side balancing products tend to be my most used however like everybody, I can sometimes dry out and need hydration. I have recently been using the Origins balancing collection (pictured at the top of the post) and I love it! Its great for thoroughly cleansing my skin and leaving it feeling fresh without stripping it or drying me out.

-Sudocrem = If you have read my skincare trueloves post you will already know I'm obsessed with Sudocrem for my spots. For me its one of the best overnight spot treatments I have tried. I've gone into it in more detail in the previous post so won't ramble on, but honestly, try it! I always pop a tiny covering on each spot every night once my face is fully cleansed and moisturised, then literally leave on until the following morning. Its fabulous for helping to dry out the little blighters due to having Zinc Oxide in it.

So these are my little hacks for dealing with my hormonal breakouts. I used to dread 'that time of the month' for this very reason every month, but now I try to just get on with it and accept it's just going to happen. You just have to find what works best for you to help dry the breakout up, as quickly as possible with as little scarring or marking left behind.

If you have any thoughts, questions or you have any more tips that you find helpful with your breakouts please leave them in the comments below! Links to previous posts and product websites are in bold pink just click the words to be taken to the page/site.
Bethany xx

Ps. On another note, the blog hits it's 7 week old birthday tomorrow with just over 3000 views and reads! Thank you so so much to all of you who are keeping up to date with my latest posts and for the messages I've had regarding it all. Your support means so much.. Thank you! xx


Friday, 3 March 2017

The Other A Word.

Real talk time...


There you go I said it. And yes I am affected by it.

I used to be ashamed of this part of me and kept it as my deep dark secret for such a long time. However, more and more these days I hear from so many people who also have anxiety.

I guess I've always been on the anxious side. Super organised, slightly (Matt might say extremely) OCD. I've always liked things just so - my mum will vouch for this. It's just me and I wouldn't be me if I was any different. That's what I think is important to remember when your having one of those off days.

My anxiety became a significant part of me properly about 3 years ago now. It's one of those things you don't have an answer for as to why you get it. I had my daughter at 18 whilst I was still finishing my A levels. I returned to my studies when she was 4 weeks old in order to not fall behind a year. That was the beginning of being a mummy whilst juggling full time studies and that turned into working full time in a career that I love.

When I first had my little girl I still lived at home with my mum and dad. They kindly let me and Maisie live with them whilst I saved my deposit for my house. I managed to do this by the age of 20 and was ready to buy my first home on my own. I absolutely adore my little home and wouldn't change a thing about it, but with a house comes big responsibilities on top of those I already had. I thrive off being busy and have always put a lot of pressure on myself to be everything but the young mum stereotype. Not only that, I also want to provide my daughter with a secure future as well as provide her with a lovely life filled with love and experiences. 

Goals and ambitions set, alongside being very stubborn when I set my mind to something, I continued to pave our future for us. Without sounding big headed, I would go as far as saying I have managed this pretty well although the stress of the juggling act does get to me every now and again.

Not everybody does understand this subject and those people are super lucky. I know a few people - some extremely close to me, who have no concept of anxiety or understanding for mental health and that's fine. It must be very hard to understand something if you haven't experienced it yourself. However I bet the majority of you who will read this will have experienced either a period of, or have, long term anxiety.

Like I've said above, I have anxiety. Yes it comes and goes and yes some days its terrible to the point I just want to get in my bed and not come out. It has just become a part of me that I have learnt to deal with, get on with and most of all accept. What is there actually to be ashamed of?

In my experience, being honest was the best thing I ever did in ways of helping myself. Initially I did see a GP - I seem to always get the short straw with doctors and see the really cynical one who makes you feel silly just like I did with my skin. They suggested a variety of things, none of which I wanted to bring into my life, so it was a similar case to my acne of coming away disheartened and doing my own research. Through doing my own research I realised anxiety can be triggered by so many different things and it is actually your bodies reaction to said triggers.

Initially I opened up to one person who I was very close to.. they had noticed more and more that I was sinking into myself so they took me to one side one day and asked me what was going on. My answer.. I did not know. I wasn't ill, my child was happy and healthy, I've never had money worries.. but I didn't feel right and was struggling getting through the day. That person listened and then their response was "it's okay". They went on to tell me that they to had lived feeling like this and actually probably 90% of the people we interact with daily will have experienced something the same/ similar at some point in their lives. That's when I started to think that yes, it is okay. It's not ideal and on a bad day I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy (not that I have one but you know, it's a saying and all that).

I think when you have a realisation over something like this you just want to share it and help other people. By writing this, even it helps just one person, I will be a happy girl.

Since I confided in my friend, I went on to learn how to deal with my anxiety so that it doesn't hinder me in the same ways it was doing. I now speak openly with my friends and people I know that also suffer. When I've spoken to people about it they have gone on to ask questions and likewise I have asked them things. It's such an un-talked about subject that you almost have to learn from each other and help each other. I'm always surprised when in conversation, how many people suddenly admit they too have experienced the same.

Everybody's anxieties and triggers will be different and have different roots but I think help mechanisms can be very similar between people. The things I have found that really help me include:

-Talking myself down.. This really works for me. When I'm having a bad day and feel so anxious I can barely concentrate on anything else I literally talk myself out of it. No I don't do it aloud, but I do take 5 minutes away from what I'm doing and question myself over what I'm preoccupied about. Is it going to hurt me? Is it going to hurt my family? Can I change it? If I don't get it done will something bad happen? The answer is most usually no and then I realise I'm worrying over not a great deal or something that I can not control!

-Exercise.. My friends all know I've grown to love my yoga. Especially since Christmas time when I discovered it. I don't get the time to go to the gym. I rely heavily on my family already to enable myself to work full time so I don't think they would be thrilled if I was then asking them to have my daughter whilst I attend the gym but Youtube is fabulous! I've found so many yoga tutorials were you feel as though you are actually doing the practise with somebody and yet you've not left the house. I like to do my practise in the evening when Maisie is in bed and everywhere is calm. I never realised the strength and balance yoga requires and I find I totally zone out when I'm doing it as I'm not focusing on anything else other than holding my position and breathing. If you haven't tried it already I would really recommend it. I will pop a link to some of the videos I love below.

-Walking.. I adore walking. It really does blow the cob webs off. When I'm feeling particularly anxious you cant beat a good long walk - with your family if possible.

-Blogging.. Another new found love. I didn't start my blog as a way to relax myself but it really has become just that. When I sit down and write a post I literally get lost in it. I zone out to anything on my mind and in turn always turn off my laptop feeling more chilled than when I opened it!

-Nourishing my body & mind.. I haven't always been the kindest to my body. I would say I've definitely learnt this the hard way. It really is so true that you need to nourish not only your body but your mind. Over time I have read so many interesting articles regarding how important a healthy and varied diet is for the mind. The most interesting thing I learnt that I had never known before, was that certain nutrient deficiencies can actually trigger anxiety and depression! I'm not saying everything needs to be "clean", life is about balance, but try to make sure you are filling your plates with nutrient rich, nourishing foods.

Like I said, every bodies anxieties and coping mechanisms will be different. I know what I have found works for me and I hope if you are reading this and struggling yourself it might be of help. Please remember how important it is too talk - to a friend, family member, colleague or someone you can confide in. As always I love to hear your thoughts! If you have any other ideas that help you please pop them below!

Bethany xx

My favourite yoga YouTube videos are by Boho Beautiful:

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