New year, new me - No.

New years resolutions - No.
Goals - Yes!

So my reasoning behind the first two questions being answered with a no? To be perfectly honest i don't think either bring a great deal of positivity to anyone, more pressure than anything. Whereas goals, they give you a drive and desire for the life you lead. This blog came about as one of my goals for the year ahead.

After leaving my beloved career in beauty nearly a year ago due to my daughters schooling needs and entering into the world of logistics recruitment, i find myself constantly missing the beauty world, the products, the makeup, the training.. Everything! Que the endless scrolling through instagram beauty profiles, product house pages and hundreds of different blogs to get my fix and keep up to date with the ever evolving world of beauty.

Social media is fabulous.. But every fabulous comes with its negatives. One of the main ones i have picked up on is how much we only portray the shiny parts of our lives don't we? I scroll through my instagram and realise i have done exactly this when in reality i'm not permanently on holiday, always out or constantly with my loved ones. But probably most important at the end of the day when i wipe off my makeup - my skin certainly isn't as flawless as my makeup perceives.

The truth is i am a 25 year old who has suffered with acne since i was 21. Never before then, but after a series of stressful events in my 20's i got acne for my 21st birthday. I have hated my self, wanted to cut of my own skin, you name it. All the feelings anyone who has suffered will understand. My emotions heightened by the fact i was working with girls with beautiful, clear, radiant skin.. everything i wanted.

Initially i visited the doctors. I tried the minor prescriptive drugs, the topical solutions.. no luck! Next step was the talk of the dreaded Roaccutane. I did my research, i spoke to my colleagues - everything said it would be a bad decision. And so began my journey to tackle my acne naturally. Being vegetarian, an animal lover and huge fan of all products natural it only made sense.

Through doing this blog i can keep my head (and heart) in the world of beauty, sharing products, treatments, lifestyle tips and natural treatments i have discovered, tried and tested on my journey to clear skin. There'll also be many photos.. some of the shiny things and some of the reality - as some would say, spots and all!

I'm still working on it but my ultimate goal is to be truly HAPPY IN MY SKIN.
Enjoy xx

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