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It Works!

Well I hope you are all feeling a million times better than I currently do. I had my tonsils out 12 days ago and it's safe to say I still don't quite feel like me. I've decided I'm going to do a post about my tonsillectomy experience soon for anybody who may be having to have one in the future. I hadn't known what to expect if I'm honest and I have had a big shock. If I could have read a few other posts with an honest opinion I  might not have been so optimistic prior to the op and in shock post op. Anyway I will tell you about that in a couple of weeks when I am healed and know if the operation has been a success.

Today I'm here to discuss as promised, the 3 month results of the jawline reduction treatment I underwent with Cosmedocs in Derby. If you have read my previous post you'll already know my reasoning for undergoing this procedure. In that post I have done a full explanation of my reasons why I felt this treatment was necessary as well as a fully detailed breakdown of what the treatment involves, how it is done, aftercare and the costing structure etc. so I won't ramble on about all of that again in this post. If you click the link above it will take you back to my initial post about the treatment so you can find out more if you wish. 

When I attended my first consultation, Dr Bhatti told me I would see the best results from the treatment around my 3 month review and top-up appointment. I already knew from previous experience with acne tablets etc. that the best way to track a product/treatments effectiveness is to schedule a series of photographs on the same day and similar time every week. I always find you adjust to changes quite quickly, especially when you see them every day so they become less noticeable. Not forgetting I have a terrible memory so without the pictures I have no chance of remembering how something looked 3 months ago!

The pictures I took to track my jawline Botox progress are by no means the most flattering pictures - they are true passport style pics - face on, looking straight at the camera. I also have minimal makeup on (if any) as I didn't want any false results by contouring etc. This was the best way for not only me to see the treatment working but also for you as well.

It's all well and good reading a post about a product that someone is raving about but I guess I am to sceptical for my own good at times. I like to see images backing up what someone is saying.  You've probably noticed that this is a common theme in my posts that share a product/treatment with you. I always try the product for a minimum of 28 days and take regular photographs so you can take the journey with me to see if something does work or does not.

So onto my personal results from this treatment. In short, I couldn't be happier. This is for a multitude of reasons..

Probably the most important to me, above any aesthetic reason is improved sleep. Since I had my top-up injections two weeks after my first set, my sleep has improved dramatically. Prior to having this done I was grinding my teeth terribly every night as a result of stress and anxiety. No matter what I had tried previously I just couldn't stop myself from my nightly tooth grinding sessions. The dentist had suggested a guard but I find these highly uncomfortable and even more of a disturbance during the night. Due to the Botox relaxing my muscles I no longer wake myself up from either the noise or pain of wearing my teeth down repeatedly each night. I have been tensing my jaw a lot post surgery but that's a side effect of my operation due to the location and pain but I'm sure once I'm on the mend this will subside again.

Pain in teeth and tense jaw.
I was waking up with this every morning. An obvious side effect of grinding my teeth every night. It's such a pleasure not have to face this every morning anymore. Not to mention my teeth are finally safe from erosion - I only have little tegs so could really do without making them even smaller!

Softer masseter muscles.
I have popped a picture that shows you the location of these muscles below. The masseter muscles are the large muscles either side of the jaw that control chewing. Over time when you clench the jaw daily/nightly you end up building quite a considerable masseter muscle. This can eventually lead to a squarer appearance of the jaw line as well as pain and tension in the area. As a result of the treatment my masseter muscles feel considerably softer and the tension in either side has reduced to next to nothing - a lot less pain for me!
Increasing definition in face.
Both of the muscles appear to have depleted in size because the movement has been relaxed in each one. Due to carrying less tension, my face is less puffy in said area each morning and I have started to regain the cheekbone definition I used to have. I do have naturally high cheekbones but I had totally lost any definition I used to have through grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw every night. I personally think you can see a difference in the photo journey below from before the treatment to 12 weeks later looking straight on at my face just as Dr Bhatti said I would.

The power of social media never fails to amaze me. I know people have a love/hate relationship with the different platforms but I can safely say I am definitely a lover. I have been very lucky to date and experienced no negativity from the platforms that I use. I had no idea that this treatment even existed a few months ago nor did I realise that the symptoms I was experiencing were not only being caused by something but could also be treated. It's thanks to the Cosmedocs Instagram that I discovered something that has improved my sleep quality dramatically, eased me of a daily pain and given me aesthetic results that I am very happy with.

Obviously I was slightly nervous as well as sceptical initially when I decided to go ahead with this treatment. The procedure sounded so simple, pain-free and quick - almost too good to be true! How could something so easy be able to solve one of the bains of my life just like that?

For me it has been worth every penny, I don't have a single regret and I will most definitely be maintaining my treatment. I am due to return for my 3 month review (3 months after my initial top up appointment) in June so I will be booking that imminently. After this appointment, as I mentioned in the previous post, I shouldn't need another set of injections for one year.

I have already said this in my initial post and I still stand by it 100%. I cannot not recommend Cosmedocs in Derby enough! From the minute you enter as a newbie you are made to feel welcome. After being in similar places before I have experienced the hostility you can sometimes receive from the staff but it is non-existent here. I'm the kind of person that does take things to heart so feeling comfortable for me is very important. Everyone I came across was more than welcoming. It's the same as finding a good hair dresser - when you find a good one, you stay!

Dr Bhatti's knowledge of the treatments he carries out is amazing, I feel totally at ease when I visit for my appointment. Again this is something that I would say is super important when you are trusting somebody to inject a substance into your face that will temporarily relax/ prohibit movement in the targeted muscles.

I would say as far as Botox goes - don't go cheap. I truly believe you get what you pay for. Please don't be tempted by the offer of cheap injections/ aesthetic fillers! Do your research beforehand too, incorrectly injected Botox comes with an array of problems and side effects.. none of which I would want to experience. I personally would only trust a qualified and experienced medical professional. They understand the anatomy and physiology of the face and body a million times more than a person offering the same procedure with no medical experience.

I really hope this post might be useful if you have been experiencing any of the symptoms that I did for a duration of time. The jawline reduction treatment is still a very unknown procedure to most people and yet it's proven to be amazing for me. By having the treatment and sharing my results you can see for yourself the aesthetic results and I have told you about the other benefits I have had. As always I hope I have given you enough information but if you do have any questions please don't hesitate to comment below or contact me, I will always reply!

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Bethany xx


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