Wednesday, 19 July 2017

No Needles Required!

Do you ever scroll through Facebook and totally bypass all of the ads and majority of pages your friends have liked that then appear in your feed? Or is that just me?

The product I want to share with you in this post was something that initially kept popping up in my feed as various friends had liked it. The video that does pop up hadn't grabbed me before I must say.. Probably why I hadn't pursued this product earlier. However it finally did snatch my attention when I actually tried some of a friends on a recent night out.

On pulling it out of her clutch a few of the other girls also asked to use some and were very excited over the product - hence my intrigue. I asked what the product was and my friend explained it is a plumping treatment for the lips that actually works. Not only that but it also has different 'heats' and you can customise your personal results. This one needed a try..

Talk about first application love with the added bonus that I could feel it working as well as see results. The girls were 1 million percent right this stuff works!

It is without a doubt that the majority of the population of girls are lip obsessed right now. What with the likes of Alexandria Morgan and Lydia Elise Millen as well as other people within your social media streams, a girl can't be blamed for desiring that fuller Jolie lip.

This isn't the first time I have tried a lip plumping product (see my previous post)and it most probably won't be my last. But two things happened when I tried this product: 1) I knew I had to have one and 2) I knew this deserved a post so I can share this find with you in case you hadn't heard of this either.

The product itself is sold by a brand called Dollywood Boutique.. Recognise it now? The lip treatment is called 'Chamber Made, Turn up the Voltage'. It retails at £18 pound and £3 for postage and packaging so it's fairly in line with most good plumper's out there at the minute.

How does it work?
The treatment has 7 custom settings:
-Just Plump No Tingle (Long term results with this)= A Peptide Collagen
conditioning treatment that is clinically proven to give you fuller lips in 30 days. 
-Cool Tingle (Long term results with this)= This is for a more sensitive skin, without a hot sensation will give a quick plumping result.
-Warm Tingle (Long term results with this selection) = For normal skin types, by choosing this you get a quicker and more effective plumping result.
-Hot Tingle (Short term results with this) Gives an extreme tingle which in turn gives the best plumping results.

To make your selection you simple twist the tube marked with an arrow onto your choice. The 'Hot Tingle' is perfectly named - it definitely packs a short term punch, perfect for those full looking lips on a night out! The instructions of use do advise a patch test to be carried out before your first full application.

I saw instant results on my night out with the girls, I topped up about twice throughout the night and was mega impressed. I don't use this product everyday, I want to keep it as my night out lip boost and treat!

I have taken a few pictures to show you before application (above) and 15 minutes later (below) on the hot tingle setting. Fillers are not a route I personally want to go down so for that plumped up look this is perfect!
I know this is a shorter post compared to most of mine but I just wanted to share an amazing find with you. If you have any questions as always please don't hesitate to ask or comment below. Also if you have any other amazing lip plumper's please share for everyone below! There is also a link to the products website below.

Bethany xx


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