Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Something NU.

I'm pretty sure you will have seen some of the NU Skin products floating around in your Insta feed by now. They are really popular and talked about at the moment! I was asked to try some for a blog review recently and after trying their lip gloss (see my previous post) I was definitely excited to be given three products to test: Polishing Peel, Glacial Marine Mud and the AP whitening toothpaste. Here's what I thought..

AP Whitening Toothpaste
Is brilliant! The best toothpaste I have ever used! I had been very sceptical over this product. After seeing so many posts raving about it on social media, it just semt too good to be true, this is really not the case. I have only used the toothpaste morning and evening for only three days and could see whiter tegs in just that tiny amount of time!

The toothpaste has a really nice and fresh taste. It leaves the mouth refreshed and teeth feeling smooth, very clean and polished with the added bonus of whitening at the same time! It contains no peroxides or harmful chemicals and will actually help to remove staining.

This product retails at £13 and I will definitely be ordering myself some more. A toothpaste is something we use every day, it's a necessity and yet so many have funny tastes/ negative results. £13 does seem pricey for an everyday essential but for the whitening effects it is worth it! I have popped my results from just three days use below. All photos were taken first thing in the morning after I had brushed my teeth so excuse the minimum makeup, lack of gloss etc. Your used to my no makeup pictures by now anyway so what am I worrying about?!

Polishing Peel
This product is quite unusual and different to anything I have used before! It features pumpkin enzymes that resurface and polish the skin and bentonite clay to remove dull skin cells and toxins. It is another Nu Skin product that is raved about.

Now this one did take me two uses to make up my mind. On the first use I wasn't overly keen on the texture. I personally favour products that melt onto my skin and have no drag. This had an almost rubber like texture that I did find difficult to spread and move. However I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt and try it again. On second use I still felt the product was quite stiff to manoeuvre but I persevered..

I did as instructed for use, I used after the Glacial Marine Mud mask first, I then applied the peel and left the product too work for about 2 minutes and then buffed it away in circular motions. On the second time I did manage to buff the peel away, slowly but surely. My skin was left really soft so it definitely refined it! I still think I need to keep playing with this product to see if it's just me using it incorrect or if it just doesn't work with my skin that well.

Glacial Marine Mud
This is the mask responsible for the majority of those Kermit green 'maskies' taking over social media right now! I have been quite intrigued about this product for a while, especially after hearing of multiple friends getting great results.
This multi-use mask was created to lift dirt, impurities and oil from the skin as it dries out. You can actually see this happening as the mask is drying when all of the congested pores become visible and go darker (see picture below).

The mask is predominantly used for helping clear acne, breakouts and congestion but can also be used to help relieve dry skin and dull complexions.

I didn't love the smell of the mask. I have used nicer smelling products but that is probably due to the ingredients being natural and unperfumed - which is obviously better for our skin one million percent.

After using the Glacial Marine Mud I was left with very smooth and clear skin. It even managed to draw out a few stubborn blackheads on my nose making them easy to pop out and clear! I am quite hormonal and congested at the moment so will be treating myself to one of these natural masks again this week.

I will link Verity's Instagram below for if you wanted to try any of these products for yourself. You can message her directly to place any orders. If you comment BESSIEGRACE within your message you will receive 10% off your order! I hope you all have a lovely week! If you have any more questions about these products please don't hesitate to comment below or contact me.

Bethany xx

Link to Verity's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veritygaunt/



  1. omg that toothpaste!? i swear these never work!! i've tried millions of apparently whitening toothpastes and all of them do sweet FA, but this one looks amazing - you can actually see the results! buying this as we speak haha!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. It's fab Katie! I was so sceptical of the toothpastes for so long but this one - I love. Hope you enjoy it too! xx


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