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You Have To Peel To Reveal !

There's one thing about being off to recover from an operation that I have actually enjoyed.. The freedom to work on my blog! As I've felt brighter and not so knocked out from my meds, I've found myself just chilling with my laptop working on a couple of posts and planning some future ones. I started writing this on day 10 post op and at that point my voice still hadn't returned - a bit of time spent blogging meant I could be quiet and truly rest my throat. Winner!

Anyway let's get to it. I have a new treatment to share with you this week! It was developed 2 years ago and is to be released nationwide imminently. Following my first Cosmedocs review I was lucky enough to be invited to try this treatment so that I can share it with you.

So what exactly is it?
'Peel to Reveal' is the name of this treatment and it is a professional in-clinic peel treatment. You would choose to have this treatment for a multitude of reasons, I will cover all of these within this post.

As we age our skin cells become dormant and turn over far slower than when we were younger. This can result in dull, dead and damaged skin cells being left on the surface of our faces. Our collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and other elements that keep the skin healthy start to decrease around our mid 20's. The increasing number of dead skin cells and pigmentation from scarring or sun damage can cause unevenly toned skins with a rough texture and larger pores.

Even though we use makeup, serums, moisturisers and other beauty products to disguise these issues, they cannot actually reverse them. This is why the Peel to Reveal treatment has been created - to effectively correct the previously mentioned!

The peel consists of powerful skin antioxidants, brighteners, exfoliants and stimulants to improve the skin's radiance. It uses multiple superficial to medium peeling agents such as Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic acids & Glutathione to treat more than a dozen skin issues at once. 

The Treatment.
Is super quick, with minimal side effects! It takes between 10-20 minutes, so you could squeeze this into a lunch break or have after work as a quick pick me up! The professional carrying out the treatment can control the depth and intensity of each peel, dependant on skin types, nationality, sensitivity and results sought. The process consists of four processes that are carried out in 3 steps: 
  • Cleanse - To remove makeup, excess oils, dirt and any other debris from deep within the pores using Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids as well as Salicylic acid to treat and prevent breakouts.
  • Revitalise - By replenishing key vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for skin cells and decreasing pigmentation such as skin dullness, pigmentation, sunspots, scarring and melasma.
  • Exfoliate - This gets rid of dead skin cells to stimulate cell turnover and improve the texture of the skin, decrease the size of pores and refresh skin dullness by using the multiple peeling agents mentioned above.
  • Stimulate - Collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin production are stimulated by activating cell functions using various ingredients including: peptides, vitamins, retinoids, immune boosters and natural extracts.

How does it work?
Initially the pores on the epidermis (the top layer of skin) that are clogged with sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria are unblocked, this happens in the cleansing stage. In the exfoliating stage, the dead skin cells just underneath our top layer of skin are turned over far quicker than the natural process resulting in a must thinner layer of dead cells. In turn this will smooth the texture of the skin and reduce the size of enlarged pores. In the revitalise stage the melanin in our skin is regulated and distributed evenly which will give the skin a more even appearance. Finally in the last part of the treatment, the stimulating part, the ingredients work together to repair and produce more collagen and elastin fibres. Overall this leaves the skin looking younger, more radiant, smooth and hydrated.

Ingredients explained.
The peel uses a variety of ingredients in groups that I have listed and you might be thinking "what an earth?". So I thought I would briefly explain their benefit just in case you did want to know:

  • Salicylic acid, tea tree oil, willow bark extract (in the cleansing stage). Together these ingredients are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and provide deep pore cleansing. 
  • Glutathione features in the revitalise stage and is considered to be the most powerful, most versatile and most important part of the body's self generated antioxidants. This ingredient has been proven effective to lighten, even skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots, acne scars and dark patches when applied topically.
  • TCA, lactic acid, glycolic acid are the main ingredients in the final two stages of exfoliation and stimulation. Together this combination improves the skins texture, increases cellular turnover, stimulates collagen production and improves fine lines and wrinkles.

Side effects.

Are minimal! If you did decide to have this treatment during your lunch break you can actually return to work straight after with minimal changes to the skin. If it is sunny outside you will definitely need to apply a good SPF (50 if possible) as your skin will be more susceptible to burning and damage for a good couple of days. If you don't like going makeup free, a light cover of mineral makeup can be applied immediately after without causing irritation. The ultimate results will be seen around week 6, I had my treatment six weeks ago as of the Saturday just gone so my pictures show you my results after the full period.

  • You may experience mild redness for a few hours after the treatment dependant on your skin's sensitivity and if you've had a peel before etc.
  • Peeling/ flaking of old dull skin will begin on day 3/4 and last a couple of days.
  • Post peel your skin may feel very dry and this can last 7-10 days. This can easily be treated by moisturising well and as often as you feel necessary.

My results.
I loved the whole experience. When having a peel you can certainly feel the active ingredients working. Dr Bhatti told me something really interesting during my peel - "if you can't feel your skincare working, it isn't doing anything". It's so true, if you think of any skincare that delivers a result such as a retinoid for example, you will always feel a slight stinging/ burning sensation on application. These are the products/treatments we need to achieve any of our skin wishes.

I personally would describe the sensation when the peel is on as very tingley and warming - you can certainly feel those actives getting to work! I have had numerous fruit acid peels before which I have already posted about and this could be one of the reasons why for me this didn't sting as much. I also didn't experience a great deal of peeling compared to what some people can have. I think this is because it had only been about 10-12 weeks since my last peel so my skin was in a decent condition already.

My skin flaked rather then peeled and this started on day 2 post-peel around my nose and top lip. I can only describe it as little scales flaking away. I also got the dry, tight feeling this day to so I just upped my moisturising game. You do look like you have very dry skin at this point but just remember it will all be worth it!

By day 5 my whole face was flaking lightly, some people can experience a sheet peel effect but I just had a little snake skin effect going on. One thing I found amazing was my sun damage - I catch the sun on my forehead and nose particularly (shock) and where I did have some pigmentation damage these areas really did shed! The pictures here show my sun damage from before the treatment and after.

Around day 7 I experienced a small breakout where my skin had previously been quite congested. I struggle with acne along my jawline as you know and I get super congested here. This is typical around a week after a facial treatment, especially with this one giving my pores a good clear out.

I was still experiencing light peeling on my cheeks on day 12, I did try to take a photo but the flakes were too little to catch on my camera. This stopped on day 15, I was still feeling more on the dry side but the flaking has subsided! My old acne scarring along my jawline was starting to look considerably lighter here too and this was one of my aims from the treatment.

I know full results are supposed to be after 6 weeks but I was thrilled with my skin from week 3! It is not only smoother, the small bumps of congestion under the skin have gone, my makeup is going on a dream, the overall clarity has improved,  my scars are lighter in appearance and the sun damage I had has reduced. I have since seen a little bit of sun and coloured up again so this may come back (naughty I know!). You can see the reduction in scaring from before to after below.

All in all, the 'Peel To Reveal' treatment was ever such a quick process and once it was done I applied my sunscreen and carried on my Saturday! I had no redness at all, in fact my skin had a lovely glow! The flaking was more than manageable, as was the dryness and I am so happy with the overall results - the peel delivered as promised! The three pictures below are from just before my treatment straight after and the evening of the same day - you can see the glow!

The peel treatment starts from £120.

6 week journey.
I would say if you are struggling with acne, post-acne scarring, bumpy skin, congestion, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage or pigmentation - give this treatment a go. There's not many skin issues this treatment cant resolve so even if your experiencing something I haven't mentioned give Cosmedocs a call and I'm sure they can advise. I will pop a link to the treatment page below and their contact details (area dependant) will be accessible on the website too.

As always, I hope this may be of help. I love finding new ways to help my skin and erase my acne scarring as well as improving the overall condition and appearance. If you have any questions, pop a message below or contact me directly.

Bethany xx




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