Monday, 30 January 2017

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As promised in my first post, I want to delve more into vitamin A and its benefits on our skin - especially spot prone skin. You probably know already the vitamin is essential for our eye, immune system and skin health.

Pre-formed vitamin a (also known as retinoids) only exist in animal products, so providing you have a good diet you will usually get a fair amount of the stuff from what you eat. Good sources of vitamin A include: cheese, eggs, oily fish, liver, milk and yogurt - all well and good if you eat meat.. harder if you are vegetarian (that would be me) and super hard if you are a tee total vegan.

For the people that follow a plant-based diet, we find our sources in veggies such as: carrots, winter squashes, sweet potatoes, apricots, spinach, kale, broccoli and red peppers. These sources aren't primary sources of vitamin a though! They are actually sources of beta-carotene - a carotenoid that our body can covert into vitamin a - clever! In order for our skin to benefit from vitamin a our body will convert it into retinoic acid - a product that can help various different skin issues.

Vitamin a use on the skin began in the 1960's in the form of tretinoin (used on acne patients still today and also known as Retin A). Not only is Retin A amazing for acne but also for its anti-ageing properties when applied to wrinkles - you'll see it in so many skincare products right now!

What effect does the vitamin have on acne you might be wondering? Well, it helps prevent dead skin cells from clogging the pores, reduces the amount of oil produced in the pores, suppresses androgen formation and helps prevent cell inflammation (the redness we experience).

I maintain my levels with the Skin Accumax daily (mentioned in my first post) alongside a plant based diet and totally agree with the theory that treating certain problems from within as well as topically gives the best results.

This is only a small post as I don't want to ramble on - more short, sweet and too the point. Hopefully it will help clear up any questions you had from my previous Accumax post with regards to the benefits vitamin a has on the skin. After all, we all like to understand a little more how the products we digest and put on our skin work don't we right?

Please don't forget though - if you are pregnant or breast feeding you need to consult with your doctor before taking any vitamin a supplements as too high levels can be dangerous to pregnant or breast feeding mothers.


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