Saturday, 21 January 2017

Getting that glow..!

So you now know the battles I have with my skin..

Thanks to the Skin Accumax I pretty much have the acne under control. Obviously it raises its ugly head every now and again; slight diet changes, hormones and stress seem to be my triggers, but as a whole I'm pretty clear! Whilst the spots may have subsided the downside of being post acne is the scarring - being fair skinned it was always inevitable. I've tried a lot of products from the high street: salicylic acid toners, lactic acid products - nothing seemed to reduce the little purple blemishes left behind.

Que the power of Instagram! you'll know if your also insta obsessed, its so easy to stumble across that one account every now and again that's an absolute gem. I was on one of my regular hauls when I came across @flawless_faces_ and it caught my attention immediately. Jenna's page hosted not only amazing images of clients and customers results but also countless messages received from the people who had been using her amazing product.

Now I'm up for trying anything when it comes to beauty and helping my skin but I'm also all about the research - I like to know what I am putting onto my skin and how it works. Our skin is our largest organ, we need to take the best care of it we can right?
I wanted to find out more about the Flawless Faces peel so I contacted Jenna with my lengthy list of questions. Coming from the beauty industry I already understood how the concept of irritating the skin helps trigger a renewal process and collagen stimulation but there were still questions I needed answering. At the end of the day I was considering putting an acid onto my face, not something you do on a whim! Jenna was amazing and so quick in her response, she answered all of my questions in detail and really put my mind at ease.

With 6 different strengths to choose from (10% up to 50%) I was unsure what to go for. I had a chat with Jenna to discuss what I was aiming for and how my skin is generally. She advised me to begin on the lowest strength, I was to try one bottle of the 10% and depending on results either stick to that level or increase to 20% next time if the stubborn marks were still visible. The peel is made of glycolic acids - acids from fruit and sugars. It has no animal additives at all - simply a product derived from sugar cane, suitable for both vegan and vegetarians.. Bonus!

As I briefly mentioned above, the peel works in two ways. It tricks the brain into thinking the skin is under trauma in the area you have applied the acids to. The brain then sends signals to produce even more collagen in the area which helps repair any imperfections. It will also have an exfoliating effect, eating away dead and old skin cells to reveal a fresher complexion. Problems the peels can help include: Acne, scarring, pigmentation and uneven skin surfaces.

The treatment itself is so easy! I brought the full kit which includes: the peel, a post treatment calming mask, rose water, a little mask dish and a mask application brush. All you do once a week is have your bath as normal, cleanse your face and then when your pores are nice and open apply a 10p sized amount of peel to a cotton pad. Wipe all over the face and neck and then leave on for the time Jenna recommends. I started at 5 minutes and have then increased 2 minutes every week; after week 5 I will sleep in my 10% for each use until the bottle has gone. When the time is up, wash off the peel, follow with the 5 minute calming mask, tone and moisturise. You can also use the product as a one off spot blaster mid week if a pesky one appears!

Real talk time. Its an acid.. does it burn? No. But, being totally honest it does feels super tingly, almost stingy. This kicks in about 10 seconds after application as it gets to work, not to panic though, it subsides totally after a minute or two. The ingredients are active so it was inevitable you would experience something!

I have just finished week 5. I didn't want to do a post before now as skin experts always recommend using a product for 28 days in order to see a true benefit. As with the Skin Accumax I documented my experience taking photos the following morning after use with zero makeup on (apologies again). You'll notice at the beginning I was going through a shit skin period again for some reason (acne doesn't seem to get the message it isn't welcome) but 5 weeks later the breakout has cleared and my scarring is noticeably reduced! 

Week 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!
The Flawless Faces peel is without a doubt fabulous. I cannot recommend it enough! My scars have noticeably faded in the short amount of time I have been using, also the overall condition and smoothness of my skin has improved. Makeup is going on a dream! What more could I ask for from a product?? I still have a few marks I want to vanish but that will come in time - Rome wasn't built in a day and nor was acne free skin!

I hope this will help you if you are tackling the same issues! If you have any questions, feel free to comment, I will always answer back! Also check out Jenna's Instagram @flawless_faces_



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