Wednesday, 17 October 2018

I'm Back!

I'm back!

It's been 11 months since i shared my last post and so much has happened since. We have completed a full renovation on our house, this is the main reason I decided to take a break from my blog due to all of my spare time being spent with a tool in hand, and most importantly we have had a beautiful baby boy! 

I've been meaning to pick my blog back up for a few weeks now after having a brainwave during a night feed (all my best ideas come at this time - bizarre!) about how I could expand the content of this site to not just beauty but beauty, health and my postpartum/ mum life journey. I believe the three interlink in so many ways. 

I started my blog as a way to share products that I had discovered that have worked so well for myself and I would now like to share not only those discoveries but also my postpartum recovery and some healthy recipes I am making to nourish myself and my baby - after all good skin and health does come from within. I'd also like to share various mummy experiences i have had so far in hope, as always, that my posts can be of help to someone out there!

Please comment below if there's any other post ideas you'd be interested in reading, i love to hear your thoughts on my posts.

Bethany xx



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