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Top 10 Skincare True Loves

It seems only fitting, given that it was Valentine's Day last week when I started writing this post that I talk about my true loves.. Skincare true loves that is.

Here are my top ten skincare products that I use daily (well all except the scrub and tan - weekly for them of course). The products range considerably in price, and where you can get them from - supermarket sweeps are welcome here you'll be pleased to know! I permanently have these products in my bathroom cabinet as well as miniature decanting bottles/ pots filled with each for when I travel, that way I can always have my faves with me! So here they are, in no particular order, I love them all..

Yep, babies butt cream. I don't think there's a night goes by that I don't have at least one dot of this stuff on my face - my boyfriends a lucky man isn't he! Honestly though, Sudocrem makes the best over night spot treatment. As well as being antiseptic, it also contains zinc oxide which is an amazing ingredient for drying up and helping to heal spots. I swear by the stuff and I have tried all sorts of spot gels and creams. Sudocrem is inexpensive and can be picked up easily in so many supermarkets, pharmacies and health care shops.

Dreams in a bottle and suitable for all skins! The scent of the Proserum is an absolute dream and even better the results you achieve are amazing. This product nourishes the skin like a treatment oil whilst delivering the active benefits of multiple plant extracts. It is enriched with omegas 3, 6 and 9, vitamins A and E as well as turmeric. More of an investment at £49, the treatment will help to balance even an oily skin, reduce hormonal breakouts, hydrate the driest of skins, help brighten and even skin tone and protect against ageing. I apply this last thing at night before I sleep so that the product can absorb and my skin is glowy in the morning. 

One of the best thing that came out of 2015! I have an obsession with the stuff! I use an organic 100% pure virgin coconut oil on my lips after cleansing every night. I also melt a tiny bit between my fingers and apply to my eyelashes every evening after removing my mascara as an overnight treat. Its the most amazing, hydrating lip treatment and I find it really nourishes my lashes after they've been coated in mascara all day! We condition our hair so why would we not condition our lashes? Being natural I also use coconut oil on my daughter if she ever gets dry skin - she is quite sensitive and it has never irritated her! Obviously I don't use the same jar I cook with, I keep two in - one in the kitchen cupboard and one in my bathroom cabinet. As you'll all know, you can pick a jar up ridiculously cheap in you weekly food shop.. I think every supermarket must stock it these days.

-Skin Accumax
I have already spoken a lot about the Skin Accumax in my previous post so you'll know the love affair I am in with these tablets. They are the reason I no longer suffer my dreaded acne! Accumax definitely has too feature in my top 10 true loves as I take two of these every morning with my breakfast - religiously.

-Garnier Skin Soothing 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover
A cheeky steal at £2.99 and widely available from your local supermarkets and beauty stores! I picked this up purely by accident one day and I'm so glad I did. Infused with water-lilly and pro-vitamin B5 this remover melts away even waterproof mascara. I always use mine to remove my eye makeup first by applying to 2 cotton pads and then I reverse the pads and wipe away all of my makeup. The product is an oil in liquid solution so you have to shake it well! The oily consistency thoroughly removes all of my makeup so it makes the perfect pre-cleanse. This means my second cleanse ensures my skin is makeup, dirt and pollution free as well as enabling my finishing retinoid treatment to be absorbed well and work to the best it can!

-Lacura Expert Double Effect Eye Gel
One word. Aldi. Can you believe it? I picked this little beauty up on an emergency whim when my previous eye cream ran out. I had heard a lot of people raving about these supermarket beauty steals and was super intrigued and lets just say it did not disappoint. Said previous eye gel was the Crème de la Mere Illuminating Eye Gel - there's £105 difference in price between this and the Lacura gel and it just goes to show that price doesn't always promise deliverance! At £4.99 the Lacura really hydrated the skin around my eyes instantly which gave a smoothing effect. The gel contains a  blend of ingredients including caffeine, horse chestnut and kudzu extract (known for its skin repairing properties) designed to tighten and brighten the sensitive area around the eyes. Sneaky hack with this one - apply the remainder on your fingers to your lips at night before your balm, I love the plumping effect it gives! Also if you do see this in-store, get it whilst its in. If you shop at Aldi you'll already know but they don't always stock everything every week. I've been trying to get my hands on a new pot for 2 weeks now and I'm still waiting.

-Flawless Faces
Another one I have previously posted about but have to mention in my top 10 skin loves! This product is a must to try if you haven't already. I initially used my peel to help treat my acne scaring and refine my skin. The results were fab - it has not only reduced my scarring, it helps dry up any current breakouts and it has really helped with the smoothness of my skin - makeup goes on a dream now. Jenna also recommends using a dot of the peel on an active spot overnight as a spot treatment which works amazing. I had an ingrown hair on my leg recently and thought I'd be a guinea pig to see if it would help and it did. The following morning the spot had reduced and I easily got the little hair out that was stuck! I don't know where I would be these days without my peels.

-ESPA Detoxifying Salt Scrub
Okay so this one isn't a face product its for your body. It's gorgeous! Every time I use this it takes me back to my salon days - I used to envy every client having this done knowing how beautiful their skin was going to feel afterwards. I now use at home and get my boyfriend to be my therapist, he's a good one bless him. It's not quite as glam as being in a salon when your stood in the bath butt naked but it does the trick. The scrub is a sea salt in oil suspension that buffs away dead skin cells and smoothes the skin. The oil is an aromatherapy oil with invigorating grapefruit, cypress and eucalyptus to stimulate circulation and help eliminate toxins. It also has nourishing sweet almond oil that melts into skin to deeply hydrate and replenish. You can use this weekly and when you do just allow the water to rinse away the salt, don't wash off the oils! I use this all year around but if your looking for something to perfect your summer skin this is the one.

-St Moriz Tanning Mouse
Nobody wants to be a pale gale. There are quite a few fake tans that I like but this one never lets me down! I regularly pick up a bottle from home bargains when I pop in for my toiletries. You can't beat £2.99 for a good colour, streak free tan!

-Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask
If I've discovered anything writing this posts its that I definitely put far too many beauty products into my shopping basket when I'm doing my food shop. I picked up these little skin treats in Asda for about £2 each and use them when my face just needs that extra boost of hydration. Although I do tend to be more on the oily side with my skin, I do still get dry every now and again - my skin clearly just doesn't want to be normal does it? The mask contains hyaluronic acid which is primarily used as a moisturising agent, it has the ability to latch onto water molecules which in turn helps hydrate and plump our skins! This means your skin not only feels hydrated, it looks plumper and revitalised too. A definite must try that is suitable for all ages and skin types.

Hope you've enjoyed the read! I literally can't recommend the above enough. As always I love to hear your thoughts and will always answer any questions. Just pop them below.

All links are in pink - just click the word to go to the mentioned previous posts or the product websites.

Bethany xx



  1. I love Garnier! Their products are so cool! I use the micellar water and I couldn't do without it. I didn't know most of the other brands or products but I'll check them out! Thanks for sharing! xx C&K

    1. Yes try and have a peep, they are all amazing products!! Thankyou for reading, so pleased you enjoyed! Xx


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